About ESIG

Reference in technology, education, health and integrated administration. Thus we can define ESIG, a Brazilian company specialized in the construction and implementation of management systems. The organization was born in 2011 and since then, it has acted to contribute to the development of several public and private organizations in 21 states in the country.

ESIG is headquartered in the city of Natal / RN and has national operations. Important Brazilian universities and federal institutes are customers of the company. ESIG is specialized in deploying software solutions on a large scale, either in the deployment phases or in the creation of new solutions, from the initial stages of its conception. To this end, its mission is to perfectly match the needs of its customers, proposing solutions that effectively innovate and add value.

The company provides computing infrastructure and cloud computing services, software deployment, corrective and evolutionary maintenance, training, specialized technical support and service, migration of legacy systems, consultancy in information technology, construction of on-demand solutions and innovation projects. These services are essential for the use of software as a key element for efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the organization.

ESIG has an extremely qualified team, with a taste for innovation and knowledge. The purpose is to generate products and services that add value to customers. With the performance of the teams of new products, new solutions are born using micro-service technologies, big data, cloud computing, analitycs, mobile, artificial intelligence and many other technologies that are transforming the new economy.

The company was born from a spin-off from UFRN where its founders were responsible for the development and implementation of GIS systems in the institution from 2004 to 2011. Since then, the company has worked to contribute with other organizations to achieve maturity in computerization in education, health, e-government and science and technology.

Corporate identity


Making life easier with innovative solutions


Contribute software solutions that add value and innovation, based on an understanding of customers’ organizational and personal needs.


Expand the business through innovative and quality products and services, becoming a strong brand in Brazil.


  • Innovation and continuous improvement;
  • Focus on results;
  • Customer success;
  • Ethics and respect for people;
  • Teamwork and a sense of family.

Our team (Headquarters Natal-RN)

An innovative, technological, digital and humanized space

The headquarters of ESIG Software e Consultoria has 800 square meters of built area and follows the pattern of large companies in Silicon Valley, in the United States. Now, in addition to complete infrastructure to carry out their activities, professionals have space for rest and well-being.

The structure of the new headquarters was designed to provide a service of excellent quality to its customers, in addition to providing more than 140 employees with a workplace that would promote team unity. Thus, they were idealized from the production rooms, meeting rooms – which honor outstanding personalities in the world of information technology – to the living environments such as the games room, which guarantees relaxation during breaks, and the rest room, which offers a moment of relaxation to replenish your energies.

ESIG also has an auditorium, with capacity for 70 people, where lectures, workshops and training are held. Employees themselves are encouraged to propose events on various subjects of collective interest.